A Path ToProsperity

Dayton Together believes Montgomery County’s recent economic success, like Fuyao, General Electric’s Research Center, and Procter & Gamble, affords us an exciting opportunity. We asked ourselves, “What can local governments in Montgomery County do to enhance and accelerate prosperity in the region?”



Combining Montgomery County's 28 local governments would create the 2nd largest population in the state, as well as a top-35 U.S. market. This enhanced, strengthened approach might equal more state funding, more savings, reduced competition, and ultimately more jobs.

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What Is Dayton Together?

Get to know us. We were founded with a desire to work together. Our goal is to compete against other regions, not each other. Combining strengths will bring the Dayton region an economic upturn and a prosperous outlook. By attracting innovative companies and high-paying jobs, Dayton Together aims to build a brighter future for Dayton-area workers and families.

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Past Local Efforts

Out-of-the-box thinking is a tough climb. Dayton Together is pursuing a path that is not standard municipal planning. But we believe a better plan can trump rigid and outmoded ways of the past. Regardless of what opponents may think, we respect a healthy dialogue and understand we all want the same thing: a vibrant Dayton area with jobs for our community.

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