Past Local Efforts

Dayton Together follows a proud tradition with roots that stretch back decades. Many forward-thinking local citizens have worked hard to bring about a better way of life for Montgomery County citizens.

From the 1930s until today, community members have recognized a need for a smarter plan to build a better way. Meaningful change comes about through hard work, and this thought strengthens us as we work toward a new model for our area.

Here are a few events that illustrate the efforts to transform Montgomery County into a hub of economic activity and prosperity.

  • 1934: A group of Montgomery County citizens proposed that a charter commission be formed to study changing the county’s form of government. The initiative was voted down by county voters.
  • 1958-1960: A Metropolitan Studies Group stated: “A number of the most serious area-wide problems in Metropolitan Dayton, particularly those relating to orderly growth and development, can be solved only by a general governmental unit whose territorial jurisdiction is sufficiently broad to permit comprehensive solutions”. (click here to read more)
  • 1980: Charles Horn, former Kettering leader and County Commissioner, led efforts to drive a county charter proposal for structural efficiencies. The efforts became mired in politics and did not result in the goal.