What is Dayton Together?


Dayton Together aims to initiate meaningful changes to our local government structure to improve our economic outlook and quality of life.

Change We Envision

Dayton Together is exploring the formation of a new Metro Government. We see a new county council expanded beyond the current 3 commissioners to provide for representation of residents of Dayton, plus other jurisdictions that choose to participate, and Montgomery County.


Dayton Together has formed two special committees to drive an inclusive, transparent process of developing a proposed charter for the Metro Government. A Charter Development Committee of about 15 citizens is meeting and leading the drafting efforts. A larger Charter Advisory Committee will offer feedback and advice regarding key Charter provisions. Community forums will be held to gather feedback from citizens on key charter elements during the course of the drafting and review process.


Dayton Together is a non-profit led by community members and private citizens including Jerry Brunswick, Bob Daley, Brother Ray Fitz, Dan Foley, Paul Leonard, Paula MacIlwaine, Jerry Parisi, Phil Parker, and Judge Walter Rice.

The Ultimate Goal

Dayton Together will deliver a draft charter that will give our citizens an opportunity to study what a new form of metro government will look like. Having an actual document to consider will let citizens ask the tough questions. We want to start a dialogue about whether or not a more unified metro government will improve our ability to invest for a stronger workforce, critical infrastructure, clean, safe communities, and a magnetic metro region poised to compete globally.