Why Do This?

By working together, we can provide services more efficiently.

The combined strength of our municipalities is far greater than stand-alone governments. A complete offering of services is vital to attracting new businesses to our area. The more services and amenities we can offer businesses looking to set up shop, the better our chances of landing new employers for our citizens.

For more information on combining resources and the positive effects on our communities, click on these additional research items:

If we join forces, we can deliver more effective economic development strategies and provide more jobs for our community.

Our future prosperity depends on good jobs. The more jobs we can create and attract, the greater the tax base for our area. That also increases our citizens’ quality of life with salaries and benefits for them and their families. Dayton Together envisions our area attracting great employers with business models aimed at the future: high tech, health care, cutting-edge companies.

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A new metro government would represent 535,000 residents, giving us clout with other Ohio cities and with businesses looking for new locations.

There has always been strength in numbers, and we see this adage holding true with our local municipalities. Together, we will make up a much larger area and collection of skilled workers. Imagine all of the talent and intelligence contained in this much larger population and geographical location. Businesses looking to re-locate or set up shop would be far more likely to choose such a location, which will be defined by its desire to improve the area.

The status quo is not working:

The truth is, our current model is not a viable option for future prosperity. Click any of the links below, and you will read about a talent drain, shrinking populations, and dwindling job numbers and wages. Just a quick scan of the numbers is not good:

  • Since 1970, Montgomery Co.’s population has steadily dropped
  • Average weekly earnings in the Dayton area are way down compared to the nation, to Ohio and Cincinnati.
  • Dayton ranks near the bottom of the top-200 best performing U.S. cities

That’s the bad news. The good news is that we can do something about it. We aim to reverse these negative numbers by combining our strengths and building for the future.

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